University of Wisconsin-Madison

John Markley, ARE Principal Investigator and Professor of Biochemistry
David Dyer, Researcher in Markley Lab
Aicardo Roa-Espinosa, Adjunct Professor, Department of Biological Systems Engineering
Tom Cox, Professor of Agricultural and Applied Economics
Michael Ferris, Professor of Computer Sciences
Christine Molling, Researcher in Space Science and Engineering
Troy Runge, Assistant Professor of Biological Systems Engineering
Sasikumar Elumalai, Researcher in Runge Lab
Damodhara Mailapalli, Researcher in Runge Lab
Zong Liu, Researcher in Runge Lab
John Primm, Project Manager

University of Wisconsin-Extension

Jim Leverich, Professor of Agricultural and Natural Resources

Soil Net, LLC

Aicardo Roa-Espinosa, President

Braun Electric, Inc.

R.C. Ludke, Product Development Manager

FEECO International

Lee Hoffmann

Maple Leaf Dairy, LLC

Tod Leiteritz, Owner / President


John Norman, UW-Madison Professor Emeritus of Soil Science